Boycott TV til They Stop Selling Earth-Endangering Pseudoelection

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Dear Ms. Winfrey (OPRAH!!!!!):

You are the world’s most famous woman, and it’s most beloved, and we think deservedly.  But we are deeply concerned that you are inadvertently daily very badly misserving the millions of women (and men and children) who watch OWN and follow you, and missing the opportunity to change the world in the right direction at a time when it is most imperative. We checked both the world wide web and your website for how you and OWN were covering the issue of equal represenation for women. We learned that OWN had aired Miss Representation, on October 20, 2011, at 9pm EST/MST/PST (8pm Central), followed by a one-hour special with Rosie O’Donnell (who has since left OWN) in which Jennifer Siebel Newsom and guests, including WMC’s Gloria Steinem and Carol Jenkins, which highlighted the film’s call to action.

But one airing of one film on this topic and and one hour alone is insufficient to explore the patriarchy-habituated situation of politically marginalized women in the United States, who are at 16% in Congress giving them a world rank of 94 if you count ties (it was 92 on Women’s Equality Day in this year of the 92nd anniversary of women being “granted” the vote but has dropped again even since then, and is also symptomatic of the deep interactive complicity that all Corporate Media, and from what we can tell, sadly including  OWN and your television show, has partially caused by delaying any coverage of this topic since around 1995.

As we write this, women in Kenya, the birthplace of Barack Obama’s father, are boycotting an upcoming flawed election because it would fail to bring them the immediate 30% seats promised as a step toward 5050 by titular politicians. Kenya is a third world country where illiteracy is high. If even women there in the country of the father can set a standard for representation and choose to not vote to delegitimize a flawed election because of the lacking 30%, certainly the most educated and among the wealthiest women in the world, in the country of the mother and son, can set a standard, too, and this time, for the overdue 5050 that many countries, provinces and large jurisdictions (most cities in Europe including all cities in France, India’s Panchayat Raj 5050 rule serves 800 million people, more than twice the population of the US) and understand why  at least 90 million women and men who care will  not vote in the election in the US, some because of the lack of overdue 5050 and rank of 94 in a country that alleges it is the flagship of democracy. even 90 million is more than the about at best 70 million either major party will get, so there will be no clear mandate of consent to govern,  Romney-Ryan is just as lacking about this as Obama-Biden; we are not singling Obama-Biden out for criticism, but as titular officeholders, they are accountable for their failure to address this issue at all, in their campaigns, in the State of the Union addresses, and even on Women’s Equality Day 

It is largely TV Medias overall indifference and lack of real coverage of this issue which has turned the this nation into something less than Iraq, Afghanistan and the United Arab Emirates in representation of women, which is real human representation for men and children, as well. We have sent a letter of immediate resignation by public outrage to the vampirically overpaid male CEOs of all the major networks, whose policies in ruining the Fourth Branch of Government, have prevented and censored real coverage of this and many other related issues in any world context, causing the US to fall so abysmally behind on women’s representation and the kind of election system that will elect them, a prerequisite to solving the problems of the US and world. 

But we are encouraging you, personally, to urgently come up to speed on this issue, as you have never, as far as we can tell from what is one the World Wide Web, ever personally actually written or spoken anywhere about the need for 5050 representation to be fair and wise for both women and men.  There is no statement from You when you are on TV that the situation is simple outrageous, intolerable and unnacceptable. So far, your interviews have never in all this time interviewed in depth women such real experts and leaders on this issue that is so central to the survival and sustainability of the planet,  as Swanee Hunt, Marie Wilson, Riane Eisler, Michelle Bachelet,  Marilyn Waring, Jean Shinoda Bolen, Rajchelle OneFamily Miller, Soraya Chemaly, Amy Siskind or Paula Xanthapolou and many others worldwide, such as Michelle Bachelet at the UN, Swedish women who have had just about 5050 for many years, and women who have achieved 5050 in Rwanda, France (cities and parties) and India (all villages, serving 800 millions people)  who are working in this area, and men like Anders Johnsson of the New York based IPU, David Loye of the Partnershipway, Bernard Lietaer and others  from just about every country, who would give more of the real story on this essential issue if 5050 representation of women (and the full counting of women’s work, paid and unpaid), which is now, many believe the only way to Save the Earth.You can certainly afford to help an international guest have a video hook-up and have them on your show. And let women’s businesses and companies from Norway and those considering corporate boards at 5050 be your only corporate sponsors

You are well known for your endorsements of Obama and Corey Booker. Why never a woman, not even for VP? Shouldn’t you publically endorse 5050, not for later, but NOW? You must follow the lead of Bianca Jagger who said quite clearly that trying to achieve results gradually was a mistake and that “We Must Declare a Non-Violent Revolution”, speaking to women. Desmond Tutu has also called for a Revolution by women.
But, by your silence, you are endorsing a pseudoelection that will leave American less well represented than women in Iraq, Afghanistan and the United Arab Emirates, and inducing American women to partake in their own degradation and demise. Already more American women are in poverty than ever before.–publications/reading-between-the-lines.pdf  We are deeply aware that not only Republicans, but Democrats (who are really Dempublican at the top of their party) are promoting this colossal injustice because of their dependence on Corporations headed by patriarchal CEOs.  In your airing of Miss Representation once and then returning to business as usual programming that ignores the looming crisis, you forget the famous phrase, “A dream delayed is a dream denied.” There are better alternatives than a pseudoelection, and 49% of Egyptians boycotted their pseudoelection, and the Revolution, especially by women, is starting up again.

Our biggest concern is that the current corruptly structured “election” process will not help, and may make matters even worse not only for women, but for our economy and drastically, our environment, as almost unimaginable as that is. That is because  full presence of women has been shown to be essential to protect from further and devastating environmental damage from global warming and misguided genetic engineering of crops as a result of politico-corporatized patriachy

You and all journalists and celebrities need to focus NOW on this situation in every broadcast and appearance until it is heeded, especially as it pertains to the US upcoming pseudoelection, because to not do that simply normalizes and dangerously entrenches the profoundly regressed situation of the US, which is immanently endangering the Planet. You are very comfortable in your success, and success can cause complacency in the face of great injustice, and in this case, Planetary environmental collapse.

You have eschewed politics yourself, and never endorsed any woman candidate for President, let alone 5050, and that is a mistake and a very bad model in the context of the current reality. If you have become too comfortable to really help American woman, the time is urgently NOW to search your soul and change that.



The US now ranks 80th, 94th in the world in representation of women if ties are counted, less than Aghanistan, Iraq and the e United Arab Emirates, and the current corruptly structured “election” process will not help, and may make matters even worse not only for women, but for our economy and drastically, our environment, as almost unimaginable as that is. That is because  full presence of women has been shown to be essential to protect from further and devastating environmental damage from global warming and misguided genetic engineering of crops as a result of politico-corporatized patriachy THESE INTERLINKED ISSUES ARE BEING DELIBERATELY IGNORED IN ALL MEDIA COVERAGE REGARDING THE ELECTION CAMPAIGN AND DEBATES, and in these days leading to the election. Yet, we are having the worst hurricane in
100 years. Can women who can make a difference remain silent and complicit?

It shocking, dangerous to all generations and the world, and unacceptable that the influential US corporate-patriarch-controlled media (especially television and radio), the “fourth branch of government” that the people, both female and male, must be able to access and rely on to learn about the functioning of the other three branches compared to other governments around the world, is still and has been for 17 years at least, censoring and failing to cover the story that the so-called recent elections and election upcoming have been dangerously failing women and fair men thus, real democracy itself and the world environment, because the major US parties have not followed the voluntary examples of many countries and parties of the rest of the world putting democracy-sufficient numbers of women on the tickets in free publically funded elections.

Unless immediate exposure and warning is exerted now, to have this issue exposed and dealt with before and head in the days leading to and after the election, it will leave the US ranked 80th in the world (94th if you count ties), with less women in office than Afghanistan, Iraq and the United Arab Emirates  have,
and once again not meeting the 1995 UN Beijing Platform for women’s minimum of 30% women in office by 2000, to protect democracy and the environment At the present rate, even if it is even maintained, it will take 70 years to reach equality, and imagine what further inroads against women’s rights and environmental disasters and wars will happen without it, almost immediately, and long before then. The US lag has been misleading the rest of the world in the wrong direction, and hampering the peace-making gender balance efforts of the United Nations and Interparliamentary Union.

We encourage YOU and everyone to urgently, immediately and passionately act to tell the story and recruit other journalists, both women and fair men, to rebel against their CEO masters, and patriarchal men/coopted women token politicians, and cover the especially important national, and (still in many places) world emergency that exists concerning this world-trend-impacting “election”, the fact that leading and deeply concerned women as well as men are planning to boycott it , which also highlights the boycott of woman’s and democracy activist Naadal el Saadawi who was followed by millions, about half of Egyptians, women and men, who boycotted the recent election in Egypt, that offered a choice between two evils, rather than a true choice, without true representation, particularly for women. Another Egyptian, a man, lamented the lack of Bothiana Kamel, a woman who tried to run but received no major party support, as a choice for President, in his reason for boycotting

We must learn from those who boycotted in Egypt, and in the US, and this time, make it a far fuller boycott of the 51% of the American people who are female, and the largest percentage of the 49% men, who realize the government with equal representation of women in fair free elections that protect women�s rights more securely, protects the environment, and protects the 99%. indeed, the 100%, against the hierarchical sociopathic destructive “decisions” of the most patriarchal 1% that has has been destroying this region, and more, of the world.

Election boycotts were successfully used in ending apartheid in South Africa  It is ironic that black history should be used to confront Barack Obama, but many observers feel Obama-Biden and the Democratic Party has not helped both women, people of color and working middle and lower class people enough in his position in a party which at the top level of leadership, many feel, is Patriarchal Corporate Dempublican. The gender-imbalanced Obama-Biden ticket is also receiving opposition from other traditional friends, labor, h and Occupy Wallstreet

We are not at all against Obama personally. He is caught in a bad system, and needs thinking women to help him out, and lead change as men in other countries have. Even if “Obama wins”, he will likely actually lose, as Republicans are likely to retake the Senate, and many other official offices, just as with the help of money over people, just as Walker held on in Wisconsin This means that erosion and assault on women’s rights, labor, the environment and peace will continue, even if “Obama wins”.

There is no point for women, or fair men, to continue to legitimize a pseudoelection in such a self-defeating strategy. Endorsement of Obama will not protect them from mysogynist Republicans and Corporations, who will successfully attack them at every jurisdictional level.

A recent study showed that media spends only 6% of its time on women’s equality, and far less than even that, virtually at zero, on women’s full representation in office. The US media (and most politicians)are failing to cover how many millions of Americans, would prefer Hillary Clinton (although she may be too tied in with the male dominated corporacy that her husband secretly helps to fully stand up for herself or women)  or, perhaps even better, MANY OTHER prominent Democratic or well known pro-democracy woman, over Joe Biden as VP and a ticket of Obama and Clinton (if she is able to get her act together to stand up for 5050) or ANY woman if polled, and why there are no polls on this, and its urgent importance to the likelihood of the continued Blessings of the Almighty (who is not a sexist and is both Mother and Father to us all and wants to see humanity get beyond patriarchy and ascend to gender partnership) and an Obama real win, assuming the Democrats are not planning to just roll over as they did when they pretended George Bush and Dick Cheney were “elected”. The US media and politicians failed to cover the 1995 Beijing Conference Platform which called for a minimum critical mass for democracy of 30% women in all countries by 2000
acgd/beijingplus15/documents/15YearReviewofBPfA.pdf, failed to cover the leadership of Rajiv and Sonia Gandhi in bringing women’s representation to India via the Panchayat Raj which already serves hundreds of millions with 5050 gender balance now, and the Women’s Representation Bill still in committee in India
they  failed to cover gender parite that brought 50-50 to every city in France brought about by Prime Minister Lionel Jospin and his wife Sylvia Agacinski  Now, both the giver and the receiver of the Statue of Liberty are failing to reach the levels reached in mush of Europe, particularly because of the ripple effect of the US Gender Armageddon on other countries.

The US (and similar corporate and male-dominated/female coopting media in other countries) television and radio media failed to cover the gender 50-50 in Wales National Assembly brought about by Senator Julie Morgan and her husband Prime Minister Rhodri Morgan, they have failed to cover the one women for every man ballots of the Nordic countries since the 1970′s and their recent 40% requirement for women on corporate boards, the European Parliament, under EU Commissioner Viviane Reding and others, are already undertaking to attain 5050 in corporations, Europe, many of which have caps and much lower ratios on CEO to average people’s salaries (In Germany it is $650,000) than the US.

Tell that the corporate media have failed to tell all the parties in Europe and worldwide that use voluntary standards and and the success of several African countries and Belgium, the Netherlands, Costa Rica and Spain and others in getting gender balance. They are not letting America know how far behind the rest of the literate world America has become, and how truly dangerous to democracy and the environment this is. They are failing to cover the 50-50 campaigns in England and Europe,   and there are similar campaigns in Canada, Ireland, Scotland, England, many African countries, the Phillipines, an around the world. American women (and fair men) are being kept in the dark by the major media and both political parties.

Some American women and men are working to overcome this. but even this organization is too politically co-opted by corporate funders to demand any timetable or clear goal of 5050, and Riane Eisler and David Loye of the Center for Partnership Studies but way too slowly, because the major media and too many politicians (and some very complicit organizations which focus only on women’s reproductive rights) have been so silent about this silent national and world emergency, even ‘though there is a lot about it on the Internet:  The Occupy Movement Convention and Gathering in July included REvolutionary Declarations calling for 5050 gender balance and gender parity as Divinely Endowed human rights Will you report on it, and the whole situation, Now? 

These Declarations serve as a beckon call for a new gender balanced Constitutional Convention in 2013, gender parity in representation for women at all levels of government, public funding of elections a critical factor for women, and and many other changes that were Declared but not fully disseminated at the Occupy Movement’s various efforts in July, but are being disseminated widely now and  prepare for a real election after a Constituational Convention in 2013.

The media and politicians failed to cover the issue that is at the heart of everything for women, men and families, that of family leave, and the balance of love and work, compared to other countries, and don;t report on information such as these:
Family Leave Policy In the US and other nations clearinghouse Comparison Table of Family Leave Policies around the world. on Family Leave Benefits in various countries. Moms Rising On Family Leave An international assessment of family leave legislation
Nordic family leave including fathers.

The US corporate media is still reporting economic news in such a way that continues a primitive patriarchal approach to economics, using the GDP instead of the more appropriate Genuine Progress Indicator, which can be even better improved to measure gender balance in political representation and includes the counting of unpaid family and community work, most of which is done by women, and the valuation of stewardship of environmental resources. The media’s  lack of gender balanced reporting on economics will cause a worldwide economic collapse that is simultaneous with environmental degradation and catastrophe. You can read more about gender balance in economics at and the sustainable future Earth could be having now as a Universal Planet , with gender balanced paradigms in economics at

The silent ignorant complicity of most women journalists (and many politicians and too many organizations) in allowing the US to fall to the rank of 80/94th, and to continue to fail to have women in the Chief Executive, without blowing the whistle long ago is a testament to the power of patriarchy on women and just how easily many women still try to fit into a man’s world, and the silence of men the complicit silence of imbedded, habitual world-destroying hierarchy. Women journalists like Keli Goff’s rant on the Dylan Ratigan show, need to insist on  each other to catch up on globally responsible homework on this without blaming women voters, , who have been kept in the dark, and their is the Huffington Post, which has posted posts by Biance Jagger who said quite clearly that trying to achieve results gradually was a mistake and that “We Must Declare a Non-Violent Revolution”,

Marie Wilson and Soraya Chemaly and immediately enlist sympathetic men like Thom Hartmann and  (start the video at timer point 53.42), who also reported on Archbishop Desmond Tutu’s call for a revolution led and coled by women,</a>
Chris Hayes , http://www. , Chris Janssing and Richard Lu,  and men like Robert Reich, Bill Keller  Bob Woodward Chris Matthews–help-obamas-re-election, who clearly wanted Hillary Clinton, Carol Mosely Braun or ANY Democratic woman to be Vice President.

Hillary is deeply complicit and my have been forced by powers behind the scenes into promoting Biden instead of herself or another woman. But even these usually only brief, partial and superficial reports are few and very far between the usual legimitizing of a pseudoelection that their corporate bosses are making so much false wealth on. Urgently help them realize that much more, in fact, 5050 in free fair elections, is overdue, shame and expose the patriarchal habits and control being exerted on other journalists, politicians, and apparently too many self-defeating organizations, for not telling or investigating this whole story in any depth for years, especially the specifics on how other countries and jurisdictions gained 5050 and close to it already, and still not warning of the immanent environmental and social disaster by not telling  now on their every report  or webblog on both parties and the upcoming “election”, the decision of many Americans to boycott it, and start real coverage of the issue of women’s representation and real democracy, and protecting earth,  and the economy (which will go into another depression

Wasn’t the earthquake damage to the Washington Monument enough of Nature/God’s warning against continued patriarchy instead of gender balance in office and decision-making? Or do we, in our gross gender imbalance, need to tempt Mother Nature and non-sexist Father Time to an earthquake the size of which struck Japan, (another still patriarchal and therefore very vulnerable, undemocratic society for women and fair men, or another tsunami that will further knock the planet off its life-sustaining balance and
Or do we have to Keystone-Pipeline -and-Frack our way into the ultimate disasters of sure Global Warming and firey infernos of chemical pollution of groundwater from the Keystone Pipeline, which is now favored by both major parties   Editorial-It-s-not-extremism-to-study-environmental-impact-of-fracking-or-Keystone-pipeline, or worst of all,  disturbing the Yellowstone Supervolcano, to get Mother Nature’s and non-sexist Father-Times’ message that we long ago needed women at all levels of office, including the Chief Executive (and men who know the value of their presence) in office to protect the environment  And what about the new nuclear proliferation in gender imbalanced countries like North Korea and Iran

Do you really think Obama without a Woman, with Biden instead of a woman, on a gender balanced tickets in 2012, let alone Romney-Ryan, (and let alone pointlessly waiting until 2016), can set a proper example and  protect us from the ultimate messages to humanity about the error of its patriarchal-instead-of-partnership war culture ways, of the non-sexist MotherFatherGoddessGod? The soy and corn crops and bees, which so much of food and nature relies on for pollination, are already failing due to a combination of man-made, Congressionally lobbied oil instead of wind and solar energy policy, and genetic engineering of crops. http://www.moth  The Mayans may be right; the period just before December 22, 2012 may be our last chance to choose between
Feminine/Masculine Balance on Earth, or the final tortuous Beginning of the End Cycle of the Planet Earth

WAKE UP! This is all truly at stake in the  upcoming, thus far as planned, gender imbalanced earth-endangering pseudoelection in the US. This, and many elections on earth will have to be reheld in 2013 as emergency antidotes to the damage done by accepting gender imbalance in office and economic paradigms for too long.

The problem is multifaceted, The dominant male CEOs don’t want it the story covered. Many men are habituated to patriarchy because it works marginally better for men than women (until it causes Depression, War and Environmental collapse), so they leave the issue for women, and this not-so benign neglect undermines women’s self-esteem. Then women fall prey to either passivity and passive enabling, or co-optation, in which women identify with dominant male values. It needs a thorough discussion., that includes both the need for men to pay more attention to the issue, and women to oversome low self-esteem and women defeating settling for marginalization and its associated problem of lack of mutual support among women. These problems are discussed at:

This problem has been going on for many, many years. The fact is, it has been going on for several millennia. It is urgently planet-endangering, truly spiritually dangerously overdue time to blow the fire whistle on this. You can urgently refer to for information about gender balance around the world and gender balance paradigms for media, and government= and gender balanced paradigms for earth-sustainable equitable economics and Genuine Progress Indicators that count all women’s as well as men’s labors (instead of all the Earth dying with the patriarchal 1% “on top” pseudoelections and Media CEO and  bankster-money corporate paradigms).

We are asking You to do the following immediately : encourage your audiences to take the following Pledge and Steps:

The Women’s Pledge: “I’m Fed Up and I’m Not Going to Buy it Anymore”: “I pledge in so far as possible to not to buy any product, especially based on an ad I see in the media, and I will turn off my TV until I read on their websites that each media channel that is receiving this ad revenue offer daily Truth and Reconciliation, until full representation for women is achieved, as to why they have not reported the serious implications of the US plummet in the rank of women’s representation from the already low 50th in the world in 2000 to 94th if ties are counted now in 2012, without reporting on the many efforts toward and examples of successful 5050 and publically funded elections that exist around the world. I will start immediately by not buying any soft drink or bottled water, as water will become especially scarce if male-decision-made global warming is not halted by gender equal decisions NOW, but also will delay any major or nonessential purchases such as homes, cars, furniture, computers (which are increasingly made by slave labor in China), clothes, makeup, or anything that feeds into a system where US unethical mostly male CEOs are earning 2500-11,000 times the average worker, let alone the average underpaid and unpaid woman, until gender parity and all the good decisions that come with it are achieved. I am not doing this to hurt the economy but to use my consumer power to quickly and effectively bring about overdue change and to prevent and forego the inevitable collapse of an economic system that is so gender skewed that it ignores the environment that all business and life itself depends on, and only especially favors the top 1%”

(We also advocate an election boycott. Already 90-130 million eligible voters will not vote in 2012 because of dissatisfaction with the system; only about half of eligible voters will actually vote according to the Center for the Study of the American Electorate even 90 million is more than the about at best 70 million either major party will get, so there will be no clear mandate of consent to govern, and the decision to boycott is growing (this is an excellent article but forgets to mention our founding foremothers!)  We understand that an election boycott is controversial to we women, whose foremothers fought hard to gain the right to vote.  But know that there are many current and recent election boycotts around the world,  some boycotts particularly lead by women (see Links On Successful Boycotts and Non-Violent Revolutions at : )

Practice verbal jui jitso on the patriarchal-oligarchal system that oppresses and missrepresents women by calling yourself and all, as in the old technique “I am Spartacus” by title of office. Call yourself, your mother, sisters, female cousins, female colleagues and neighbors, women you interact with about equal representation over the Internet “local-global Co-Secretary General-CoPresident-CoSenators-CoGovernor-CoMayors and CoCEEOs (Chief Ethical Executive Officers), and let your current mostly male officeholders and Media moguls that you know longer will regard nor address them by their titles or consider them as legitimate officeholders, unless they immediately publically endorse overdue (see below about how very overdue and necessary this is now) gender parity, that is, 5050 representation for women of all races, in the alleged flagship democracy in the world, with a plan to bring it about in 2013* (see below for how this has been accomplished quickly in many parts of the world already,) The easiest terms to adopt are local-global Co-Secretary Generals/CoPresidents,  (I and We All Us women Are  the Real and Only Co-Secretary Generals/CoPresidents, because they goes beyond “patriotic” (root word is patri-archy for tather) nationalism to a globally responsible highest office, as not rooted in patriarchy, but equally respectful of mother-sisterhood without borders, and non-sexist, non-dominating brotherhood (that is doing much better in countries other than the US right now), as well. Unless he actively and publically announces a plan for 5050 in 2013, call current officeholders Mr. (or in the rare case) Ms. Money $elect as a Title.

Air Missrepresentation and also the following films daily, even hour after hour (as is commonly done on the Discovery and History Channel in the evenings), until the situation for women in the US is rectified to the overdue 5050. It is no excuse not to air these films because they are available on utube. Publically licensed media has a public civic and ethical responsiblity to make sure essential information reaches the widest possible audience and is not withheld.

Additional films to air:

From Women in Canada and England who are fed up with their lack of representation, and though far below many other countries, are better represented and have more benefits than US women.

Who’s Counting? Marilyn Waring on Sex, Lies and Global Economics
European Union recommends 5050 quotas for women on company boards
Films on the Genuine Progress Indicator, which counts the paid and unpaid work of women, including childcare and familycare, volunteering and the value of stewarding Nature as real wealth, instead of using the outmoded and dangerous Gross Domestic Product, the outmoded patriarchal CEO hoading mechanism, which currently values the building of bombs, oil pipelines and prisons as equal to the building of schools, solar and wind facilities, and neighborhoods.
The Chalice and the Blade by Riane Eisler, author of this book and the Real Wealth of Nations.
Archbishop Tutu warning how men are failing the world, and the coming collapse if women do not make decisions and their work is not counted.
Progressive Jim Hightower on Public Financing of Elections that should be our national system, to catch up with other countries who have had it for years, and How it Helps Women Gain Office. But even this video leaves out the fact that 65 countries have public financing of election. (From what we could tell from his website, Hightower has not endorsed either Romney or Obama in 2012, and criticizes both.)
Austrian  Mom calls parental leave in the U.S. in the U.S. “a complete joke” compared to Europe
Austria offers 1-3 years paid depending on the amount of payment, Germany offers 3 years paid and up to 8 years unpaid,   France and Nordic countries offer about 2 years, all allowing mothers to come back to work at full pay. Natural weaning is usually around 3 years.  Only in the United States among advanced countries is leave totally unpaid in most states, and only between 6-12 weeks, totally inappropriate for bonding that protects healthy social, emotional, ethical and health development, and the best protection against all forms of illness and sociopathy in later life. Oprah has never done any show on family leave, and almost never has any international guests. Her only information about it totally leaves out any comparison with the best in Europe. Insist she cover this most important issue for America’s future.
In English
In Hindi, but the visuals are so wonderful its worth watching
Panchayat Raj (Village Rule) started in 1993 with minimum 33% women and proportional minority representation and now has reached and requires gender 5050. It serves 800 million people; all the villages of India.
France’s Professor Sylviane Agackinski, author of Parity of the Sexes
With her husband PM Lionel Jospin, brought 5050 to every city in France by 2000, and to most and the largest party’s tickets. The country and all of Europe (many of Europe’s parties already practice 5050)  would be 5050 by now if this effort had not been  suppressed by US media.
Its in French, but Opran and Katie should have the resources to translate and add translated sound track or ad subtitles.
Senator Julie Morgan in Wales.
The Welsh National Assembly became 5050 in 2003 under leadership of Julie Morgan and her husband PM Rhodri Morgan (with little world media attention for this achievement, it fell back slightly to 42% women currently). Contrast this with Hillary Clinton, who is of Welsh heritage, under the influence of her dominating Republican father who raised her to look down on her mother and vote for Goldwater, and corporately coopted Dempublican womanizing husband; neither Bill nor Hillary has ever talked about the lack of women in US government compared to 94 other countries, let alone 5050, and Bill’s affair with Monica Lewinsky was strangely distractingly timed at the same time as the huge efforts for gender parity were occurring in India and France, including 2 week long sit-ins in India. The US media never covered these efforts at all. The US media coverage is very selective about what countries it covers, usually focussing on countries where we are at war and has gone to efforts to keep the UN and IPU gender initiatives out of the news since 1995, when the UN Beijing Platform for Action  set the Guideline for 30% women by 2000 on the way to 5050,  (which also has guidelines for Media that were flagrantly ignored by US media and especially since 1997 when the IPU began to publish their rankings monthly.–beslut/Interpellationsdebatter1/Debatt/?did=GY10251&doctype=ip
Some women in the Swedish Riksdag debating; It’s in Swedish but makes a good video clip.
All Swedish parties offer 5050 on tickets. Sweden reached 30% in the eighties, and has hovered between 45-50% for many years.The US media has totally ignored Sweden and Scandinavia, world leaders for women, for almost a half century.
Many women warning against the dangers of genetically engineered food. Under mostly male government, the US has failed to ban genetically modified food although many countries have. GMOs have already caused major crop failures and the development of superpest insects in the US and countries that allow them.

We hope you will contact many women journalists about this and help have a discussion of it now, during and in the immediate aftermath of the election. We know it will take incredible courage, but isn’t that the courage of Harriet Tubman who repeatedly went into the South to help many thousands to freedom while their was a price on her head?  You can help billions, and save the Planet.  Your position as leader makes it incumbent on you to consider if there is any way for you to bear the risks and take the lead on this. Your characters in Beloved and the Color Purple battled hard against patriarchy as well as racism and classism, with far less resources than you have.  The majority of US and world women would literally follow your over any man, if you Declared Yourself a de facto Co-President and Co-Secretary General combined, and shared that title with all women until their overdue 5050 is in place. We have sent a letter to audiences that have viewed Missrepresentaton about your decision to air it only once, and have nothing on the topic since.  It is time to change this, empower Yourself and All Women. AndYou must do so NOW.

In the film Network, Howard Beale knew his Network was corrupt and screamed:” I’m fed up, I’m not going to take it anymore.” You have your OWN Network,  and are more able than most women in the media, to say this as frequently as possible about the US rank of 92 and overdue 5050, on behalf of all women (and men and children, too). . Simply take the time to click on the links above and inform yourself. Then, talk about the issue on every show until action some truth telling comes out of the mouths of both the male and female politicians and coopted malfunctioning organizations and journalists who are somehow unable to find the facts about many places that have 5050 representation or are approaching it on the WWW.

Most of the symptomatic issues your website  and network covers are derivatives of imbedded patriarchy and related hierarchies, instead of balance. Organize yourself, not cover it just once, but in every day’s broadcasts, until 5050 is achieved, and patriarchy is recognized as the terminally cancerous but normalized and habituated disease that it is.  And when OWN takes time to cover it everyday until the problem is solved, then congratulate yourself for being a true Celebrity to celebrate, who Save the Earth. Isn’t that what having your OWN Network was suppose to bring about?


On Behalf of at least 90-130 million Americans and Many Billions Devoted to 5050 Around the World, slightly more than half of whom are female, who want Real Elections, that bring forth fair representation and a Planet that will sustain Life and Love for Everyone instead of death by global warming and genetically engineered famine
The Many Concerned Women and Men Listed in the Links Section at


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